We’re honoured to hold licenses for all the major sporting organisations in Australia. Providing top quality performance gear for teams across all sports and all levels


At ISC, we continue to partner with some of the most recognisable and elite teams in Australian Sports. Our broad level of expertise spans across all of the major codes and sporting disciplines. We use this knowledge and experience to enhance every teams’ journey, enabling them to meet their unique needs and perform at the best of their abilities. From the smallest junior team, all the way to the top professional competition teams, we believe that every player deserves the best gear.

Whatever your discipline, we support Rugby League and Union, AFL, Soccer, Netball, Basketball, Cricket and many more. We really do take as much pride in kitting out premiership winners as we do the local park teams - because we all share one thing: a passion for sport. This is why we engineer quality sports gear for all athletes; so everyone, from those competing on the greatest stage to those who play just for the thrill, will know that they’re wearing the best. Because to be your best, you have to wear the best.